2022 Taiwan Foundation for Democracy- Annual Report Cover Design
2022 Publisher: KnowledgeField: Getting to Zero: How to Work Through Conflict in Your High-Stakes Relationships, Cover Design
2022 TSUEI MA MA Foundation for Housing & Community Services- departments brochures designer
2022 Taiwan Foundation for Democracy- Reinvention by Necessity: Implementation of International Human Rights Treaties in Taiwan, Cover Design
2021 D&AD Exhibition in Taiwan- Designer
2021 TSUEI MA MA Foundation for Housing & Community Services- brochures redesign designer
2021 Taiwan Department of Lands, Ministry of Home Affairs - Calendar 2022 - Designer
2021-2022 Industry-academia cooperation. Hsinchu City Government. Children's Discovery Center. Image Identification CIS Design- Planning and Construction Designer
2020 Type Directors Club Exhibition in Taiwan - Curator team member
2020 Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture Design Exhibition- Exhibitor
2020 Lectured on Tsing Hua University TGD- Speaker
2020 Celestial Dragons House- Visual Designer
2020 Taiwan Tech Graduate Exhibition- Chief Designer
2020 Exhibited in Keelung, Taiwan "Time and Space"‭- ‬Exhibitor
2020 Global Design School Students Visit Program- Speaker2020 Taiwan Tech USR Project- Visual Designer
2019 Behance Review in Taiwan- Chief Designer
2019 Taiwan Tech Design Week- Chief Designer
2019 Selected as Outstanding Youth of  Department of Design, Taiwan Tech
2019 Chinese week poster event- Exhibitor
2018 Student Association of Department of  Design, Taiwan Tech- Leader of Design team
2018 Design Workshop- Leader of Design team
2017 Student Association of Department of Design, Taiwan Tech- Chief Designer
2017 Taiwan Tech Freshman Exhibition- Deputy Convener
2017 Taiwan Tech Design Week‭- ‬Visual team member
2017 National Taiwan University Charity Concert- Motion Design Leader
2017 Taiwan Tech Design Week- Exhibitor
2017 ZA SHARE, School Exhibition "CIRCLE Magazine"- guide
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